Dragon’s Blood Gel

Swiss Botany Dragon’s Blood Gel is the best anti aging formula based on natural ingredients to reverse the signs of aging. It helps recapture a youthful appearance. Anti-inflammatory properties soothe and repair skin. Great for defining facial contours by Instantly Tightening, plumping and sculpting the Face. Botanically derived from Australia containing a group of compounds called proanthocyanidins which actually repair collagen, boosting and skin firming.

Wrinkle Skin Therapy Ionic Lift Wand

Powerful Ionic Flow Pulses to gently ‘push’ anti-aging serums deeper into skin. Used daily over time users start to see noticeable reduction in appearance of fine lines, eye-bags, lines around mouth as well as chin and neckline.

Wrinkled Skin is now a worry of the past. Swiss Botany’s genius engineers have taken the original design of the Ionic Skin Therapy Lifting Wand and used their amazing talents to your benefit by creating a more effective, more powerful unit that helps your facial gels and serums penetrate even deeper into your skin. Get maximum effects that last.

Enzyme Exfoliant® Mask

An exfoliating mask that’s like a 15-minute facial. This overachieving mask packs in a gentle AHA/BHA complex, pineapple enzymes, and volcanic minerals for all three major types of exfoliation. It instantly revives dull skin while drawing out impurities to minimize the appearance of pores. Regular use will help soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Skin will appear brighter, more even, and youthful.