The science of anti-aging

Anti-aging longevity healthspan

What is known? What isn’t?

Blah blah telomeres. blah blah aging clocks. Blah blah escape velocity. Blah blah Blah Alzheimer’s. Blah dementia. Blah sirtuins. Blah blah senescence. Blah stem cells and zombie cells. Blah biomarkers. Blah cognitive decline. Blah cortisol. Uhhh DNA methylation. All those free radicals. It’s in the genes. And the mitochondria. The gut microbiome. And immunosenescence. And also inflammation. Also mTOR. Or NAD+. Or oxidative stress. The rapalogs.

Oh boy

Blah blah transhumanism. Blah artificial intelligence. Blah deep learning. Blah deep neural networks. Talking about the future. What about organ regeneration? In the plasma. Do your banking in a biorepository.

Is there a chemical fix?

Blah blah metformin. Blah blah acarbose. Uhh drug discovery. The nootropics. Blah detox. Uh antioxidants. The geroprotectors. Or quercetin. Maybe resveratrol.

The animal world

Blah blah c. elegans. Blah blah. Turtles do it.

How far can nutrition take me?

Blah intermittent fasting. Blah blah personalized nutrition. Uhm diet. Get your omega-3’s. And polyphenols. Blah weight loss. Blah superfoods, all spun up. Blah turmeric. Blah dark chocolate. Seaweeds like spirulina. Add a little color.

Healthspan vs lifespan

Blah blah longevity. Blah lifespan. Blah blah healthspan. Blah aging gracefully. Blah death + dying. Uh exercise. And flexibility and stretching. Get moving. Don’t be sedentary. Get it through personalized medicine. What can evolutionary medicine tell us?

Well, well, well

Blah blah blah yoga. Blah meditation. Blah essential oils. Blah spas. And mindfulness. Mind and body. Avoid stress. Try not to be lonely. Wear wearables.


Blah wrinkles. Blah collagen. Blah exfoliation. Blah around the eyes. Blah sunscreens. And moisturizers. And a little snail mucin. Or shea butter.