MedWand Office Doc

Remote examination

The MedWand Office Doc is designed for any office or kiosk environment. It includes 2+ MedWands™ or an individual MedWand™ for each employee and all accessories — antibacterial wipes, disposable tips, and tongue depressors for 100+ employees. 

Office Doc is housed in a powerful 22” medical-grade touchscreen computer, enabling on-site or in-kiosk telemedicine exams for your employees without having to visit the doctor’s office.



Deep Age Profiling @ home

Aging is really agings, the aggregated result of multiple, diverse and separate processes. It is our science driven belief that agings’ complexity can only be captured reliably by detecting lots of molecular patterns and reporting it back to people to learn and to assess lifestyle interventions. AgeCurve measures proteins using a small amount of your saliva.

Discover how you are younger or older on the inside.


Women’s health testing


We have a wide range of tests to cover your health needs. Order with next day delivery and avoid sitting in a doctor’s office or clinic.

Each test includes a pre-paid envelope to return your samples to the lab. You should receive your results within 2-5 days of your samples reaching the lab.

Your order and results will be reviewed by our medical team. If your result is out of range, our medical team will call you to provide support. After the call, all results are released to your online account where you can view your personal health profile at a glance.

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