Mass spectrometry

This is the new Microflow-nanospray Electrospray Ionization (MnESI) source that empowers Newomics award-winning M3 multinozzle emitters, to multiply your mass spectrometry performance.

Newomics MnESI-MS platform streamlines analysis of native antibodies, antibody drug conjugates, and large protein complexes. It achieves static nanoflow sensitivity and excellent data quality, allows for automated processing and higher throughput via LC/MS, and provides better preservation of protein native state during the ESI process.

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Age Management Medicine Group

A focus on health, not disease

Age Management Medicine is a profound, meaningful, proven medical approach that’s setting the standard for 21st-century healthcare in all medical disciplines. It’s a progressive, preventative, proactive specialty focused on health, not disease. Age management medicine delivers measurable, life-changing patient outcomes — optimizing health and delaying or removing degenerative aging — using precision medicine, breakthrough technologies, evidence-based/customized modalities, and solid science.

Go further, deeper, higher than conventional care. Age management medicine is about finding real answers and the right science-based, proactive protocols to maximize health. Results from extensive health, cognitive, and lifestyle evaluations, as well as advanced diagnostics, help age-management physicians strategize and customize health-transforming programs that work synergistically — incorporating smart nutrition, hormone balancing, exercise, nutraceuticals, stress management, cognitive health, lifestyle changes, and emerging sciences, such as genomics, regenerative, and telomere.

Change begins here

Get the take-away tools you need to immediately add age-management protocols to your existing practice—and learn how to become certified in this rewarding medical specialty. Age Management Medicine Group’s conferences guide you through the clinical applications and take you to the forefront of the latest innovations, research, and protocols.

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AAPM Annual Meeting

Santa Clara Convention Center. SOURCE: Flickr | Linux Foundation

Precision medicine

The AAPM Annual Meeting 2020 brings together top experts and thought leaders in the fields of precision medicine, life science, biotech, medtech and pharma. AAPM 2020 is showcasing thought leaders involved in innovative research, developing new capabilities, developing technological interventions to speedup the delivery of personal health.

SPONSOR: American Association for Precision Medicine

LOCATION: Santa Clara CA

VENUE: Santa Clara Convention Center

DATE: Friday Nov 6, 2020