Longevity Leaders World Congress 2021

PUBLICIST’S NOTE: The Longevity Leaders World Congress is the definitive global meeting with the mission of extending human health span, delivering healthy ageing and financial wellness in the context of longevity. As three-conferences-in-one, it digs deeply into Ageing Science, Ageing Well and Financing Longevity. Shared plenary and networking sessions provide opportunities for interdisciplinary exchange.

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Steve Hill interviews David Wood

In this interview at Ending Age-Related Diseases 2020, Steve Hill of Lifespan.io discusses the longevity of humanity with David Wood of the London Futurists. The topics include the public opinion of people who seek longevity; accelerating technology in respect to aging; ways of gaining mainstream appeal, such as humanitarian and economic arguments; his book on superabundance and transhumanism; and future scenarios, both good and bad.