Gene therapy

Precision BioSciences

Precision BioSciences is focused on applying the proprietary ARCUS genome editing technology to cure genetic and infectious diseases where no adequate treatments exist. Gene editing technology has the incredible power to permanently cure devastating diseases; however, because gene edits are permanent, the risk of off-target or off-tissue gene edits can present a significant safety challenge.

Unlike some gene editing technologies that were designed primarily as research tools and subsequently engineered for therapeutic use, ARCUS was designed with therapeutic safety, delivery and control in mind.

Precision BioSciences has developed a robust pipeline of gene correction therapy candidates with a focus on diseases that have a clearly established genetic cause.

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ARCUS genome editing

Therapeutic-grade genome editing

ARCUS is a unique, highly specific and versatile genome editing platform created by Precision BioSciences. The platform delivers therapeutic-grade genome editing.

In contrast to editing platforms that focus on ease of design and quick turnaround, the ARCUS approach is centered on safety, delivery, and control of edits – the things that we believe matter most to patients and their physicians.

ARCUS nucleases have the potential to deliver safer, more specific genetic edits by leveraging the properties of a naturally occurring gene editing enzyme – the homing endonuclease I-CreI – which evolved in nature to make a single, highly specific DNA edit before using its built-in safety switch to shut itself off.


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