Longevity Leaders World Congress 2021

PUBLICIST’S NOTE: The Longevity Leaders World Congress is the definitive global meeting with the mission of extending human health span, delivering healthy ageing and financial wellness in the context of longevity. As three-conferences-in-one, it digs deeply into Ageing Science, Ageing Well and Financing Longevity. Shared plenary and networking sessions provide opportunities for interdisciplinary exchange.

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AMMG Certification Program

82 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits

The Age Management Medicine Group Certification Program includes live didactic lectures, case studies, self-study, and a comprehensive exam. The prgram focuses on these crucial areas:

  • Patient evaluation protocols—including laboratory testing, physical/performance evaluations
  • Nutrition/diet
  • Fitness/exercise
  • Hormone optimization/therapies—including thyroid, estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, DHEA, DHT, pregnenolone, human growth hormone, IGF-1, HCG, insulin, cortisol, 25-hydroxyvitamin D
  • Nutritional supplementation
  • Environment/lifestyle
  • Stress-response management
  • Preventive medicine protocols—including early detection and prevention of age-related disorders, such as cardiac disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, hyperlipidemia, etc.
  • Ethical/legal issues/guidelines
  • Precision Medicine: Emerging therapies—e.g. the use of autologous stem cells and emerging diagnostics (such as genetic screening and telomerase)
  • Additional content as it relates to Age Management Medicine

82 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits — by participating in the AMMG Certification Program you will be eligible to earn 82 AMA PRA Credits. To receive those credits, you must complete all participation requirements as outlined.

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Clinical Applications for Age Management Medicine

Dallas TX :: Nov 5-8, 2020

Make plans to attend AMMG’s comprehensive 29th Clinical Applications for Age Management Medicine CME Conference. The exciting agenda will present clinically focused sessions, feature interactive panel discussions with experts to introduce and update physicians on the latest science-based clinical information, emerging modalities and advanced techniques needed to implement age management medicine in a new or existing practice.


AAPM Annual Meeting

Santa Clara Convention Center. SOURCE: Flickr | Linux Foundation

Precision medicine

The AAPM Annual Meeting 2020 brings together top experts and thought leaders in the fields of precision medicine, life science, biotech, medtech and pharma. AAPM 2020 is showcasing thought leaders involved in innovative research, developing new capabilities, developing technological interventions to speedup the delivery of personal health.

SPONSOR: American Association for Precision Medicine

LOCATION: Santa Clara CA

VENUE: Santa Clara Convention Center

DATE: Friday Nov 6, 2020

Andrei Gudkov

Undoing Aging 2019

A sizeable part of the human genome is comprised of non-coding DNA that harbors ancient viruses. One such virus, LINE-1, remains active to this day. Activation of LINE-1 in cells triggers antiviral defense mechanisms that produce chronic inflammation, a hallmark of aging. Since LINE-1 activity irreversibly damages DNA, cells have developed several strategies to suppress it. However, innate suppression mechanisms weaken with age, so one of our goals is to create therapies to help our body keep retroelements in check.

By developing drugs against retroelements, we aim to effectively silence their activity, preventing the DNA damage and inflammation associated with cancer and age-related diseases.