Randy Jirtle: Epigenetics

I am thrilled and honored to podcast with Dr. Randy Jirtle. The field of epigenetics has exploded in the last decade, initiated almost exclusively by the groundbreaking research of Randy and his colleague Robert Waterland. Their 2003 study on the effects of nutrition on epigenetic gene regulation in agouti mice is the most cited paper in the history of science, and his trailblazing discoveries have expanded our understanding of human health and the etiology of disease. Listen to my fascinating conversation with Dr. Randy Jirtle.

Judith Campisi: Clearing senescent cells

Why is that we tend to see many diseases of aging occur around the same time in life? One reason is that we accumulate senescent cells with age, and these cells promote the aging process. There is, however, exciting new research that shows how these cells can be cleared as we age. Some of the compounds are drugs but others are natural compounds that could have a meaningful effect.