Dignity and enhancement

a dignified cat


Does human enhancement threaten our dignity as some prominent commentators have asserted? Or could our dignity perhaps be technologically enhanced?

After disentangling several different concepts of dignity, this essay focuses on the idea of dignity as a quality, a kind of excellence admitting of degrees and applicable to entities both within and without the human realm. I argue that dignity in this sense interacts with enhancement in complex ways which bring to light some fundamental issues in value theory, and that the effects of any given enhancement must be evaluated in its appropriate empirical context.

Yet it is possible that through enhancement we could become better able to appreciate and secure many forms of dignity that are overlooked or missing under current conditions. I also suggest that in a posthuman world, dignity as a quality could grow in importance as an organizing moral/aesthetic idea.

ESSAY: Nick Bostrom

Beta hydroxybutyrate

Neil Copes: Beta hydroxybutyrate

Ketones are getting a lot of press. They are produced in the liver under the conditions of low carbohydrate intake and also low-calorie intake. They are of interests for many reasons, including potential anti-cancer properties, weight control properties, athletic and cognitive enhancement, and now as substances with longevity and health extension potential. In this interview with researcher Neil Copes PhD, of the aging diagnostic company Osiris Green, Dan discusses his work in this fascinating area.