Intermittent fasting

The Sheekey Science Show

Did you know that when you eat is just as important as what you eat? Why? When is best to eat? Why does it matter? In this video i discuss intermittent fasting (IF), the different types of IF compare it to calorie restriction, look at the health benefits and human clinical trial studies, discuss some problems and practical considerations and discuss a future outlook.

How senescent cells drive skin aging

The Sheekey Science Show

Cellular senescence is a fascinating process (which is why I chose a lab that researches it for my PhD), with both beneficial and detrimental consequences. A recent study shows a connection between melanocyte senescence and the induction of telomere dysfunction in nearby keratinocytes which is associated with epidermal atrophy. This increased with age. Using a senolytic in a human 3D culture model they were able to reduce this effect.