BioAge platform: Identifying key drug targets

The BioAge platform identifies key drug targets that will impact aging. The company’s proprietary human aging cohorts have blood samples collected up to 45 years ago, with participant -omics data that is tied to extensive medical follow-up records including detailed future healthspan, lifespan, and disease outcomes.

We have built a systems biology and AI platform that leverages these rich datasets to identify the molecular drivers of age-related pathology. Our pipeline of therapies targeting these key pathways will address the significant unmet medical needs of an aging population.


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Jack Kreindler & Parker Moss

The current status quo for the treatment of cancer is based on old data … which is not even captured from the vast majority of patients.  Cancers are also heterogeneous and rapidly evolving diseases. How can we shift cancer research and treatment to one of real world, continuous learning, enabled through layers of human and artificial intelligence, not buried deep in journals but available in real-time within the next generation of clinical user interfaces? 

At Exponential Medicine 2018, Dr. Jack Kreindler led an exploration of the topic with Parker Moss. Kreindler and Parker are helping build the United Kingdom’s SMART Grid for Cancer (S.ystems M.edicine and A.I with next gen R.andomized T.rials) to not only treat but truly study patients with currently incurable disease, to accelerate learning and democratize cures.