Towards a Grey New Deal


This Green New Deal document is a trigger and inspiration for me to start working on a foundational document on World Longevity I call the Grey New Deal.

It’s not just grey as in grey hair but more importantly it is grey as in ‘grey area’. It is currently uncertain how far we are going to be able to push human health- and lifespan with the help of biomedical and any other kind of technology. Hence, the prospect is indefinite both as in we might get stuck earlier than expected or we might get much farther away than ever predicted by our best estimations. We just genuinely don’t know. But push we certainly can and will, in every which way.

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Deep Age Profiling @ home

Aging is really agings, the aggregated result of multiple, diverse and separate processes. It is our science driven belief that agings’ complexity can only be captured reliably by detecting lots of molecular patterns and reporting it back to people to learn and to assess lifestyle interventions. AgeCurve measures proteins using a small amount of your saliva.

Discover how you are younger or older on the inside.


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